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Daron Malakian Says System Of A Down Don’t See Eye To Eye With Serj Tankian On Future Output


The impasse that keeps System Of A Down from creating new music remains firmly in place according to a recent interview with the band’s guitarist, Daron Malakian. While the group continue to play live shows sporadically, the public airing of grievances last year between Malakian and frontman Serj Tankian did little to resolve the matter, as Tankian himself admitted last December.

Appearing recently on ‘Talk Is Jericho‘, Malakian went on to say that the two opposing forces in the band aren’t necessarily limited to just him and Serj—though it seems clear that Tankian is on one side of the dispute. Malakian explained:

System had a certain way of putting together the albums and the music, and I guess that was me writing and all that, and producing the records, along with Rick [Rubin]. And Serj wants to do things a different way. And it’s not just me—it’s kind of three of us that don’t necessarily see eye to eye with where he would wanna take the band. So that’s kind of where we’re at. A lot of people think it’s just between me and him, and that’s not really the case.”

As Tankian explained in a public statement last July, he was seeking to have more creative input and more equalized publishing shares, stating that Malakian had taken on the majority of both on past records. He was also hoping to deviate from who gets the final say on the songwriting process the band had used over the years. Despite the roadblock of sorts, Malakian went on to reiterate in this latest interview that the band all remain friends and there is no ill will wished towards each other.

System Of A Down will be back onstage this weekend with a May 17th headlining set at the ‘Sonic Temple Festival‘ in Columbus, OH booked, followed by a May 18th headlining performance at the ‘Chicago Open Air‘ in Chicago, IL. Malakian himself will also be back onstage at the ‘Sonic Temple Festival‘ on May 19th fronting his other band, Scars On Broadway.

[via Blabbermouth]

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