Cave In

Cave In Debut New Song “Shake My Blood”


Cave In have shared a second track from their new album “Final Transmission“. That record is headed for a June 07th release date and features the final studio input from their late bassist/vocalist Caleb Scofield, who passed away in March of 2018 in a car accident.

This newest track is titled “Shake My Blood” and the band’s frontman/guitarist Stephen Brodsky previously stated of it:

“The song ‘Shake My Blood‘ was my first opportunity to express what I was feeling about the whole situation. It’s a mix of extreme grief, frustration and anger. I was trying to do something to gain the clearest answer about whatever the next move might be. We worked on the lyrics together, and all three of us sing on that song—Adam’s doing the high harmonies and JR is doing the low harmonies.”

The song first appeared over at, who are also running an interview with Brodsky and guitarist/vocalist Adam McGrath. When asked by the aforementioned publication what type of recordings “Final Transmission” features, McGrath responded:

“They were all demos that were supposed to be constructed to build a new Cave In record. They were recorded on hand-held four-tracks in our practice space; maybe a computer would get drum tracks, another recorder would get guitars and we’d sync it up afterward.

It was very haphazard, and we didn’t go into this thinking they were going to be released the way it is today. We were lucky enough to have Andrew Schneider go through everything and make it sound way better than we could have ever imagined.

Ironically, ‘White Silence‘ was done in our practice space, and Caleb was adamant about never doing a record like that again. He wanted to do it in a proper studio and record it properly. Obviously, we never made it that far.”

McGrath later had the following to say about the band’s future plans and if this album will be their last:

“I think it’s wait and see because all of this is all a new experience, and we’re still living through the process and seeing it through. It was nice to get out there and play a few shows, but we’re still going through the process of moving forward. I think we need to live through this first, [and] then we’ll have an idea of what the future holds.”

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