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Burton C. Bell’s Ascension Of The Watchers Issue Update On New Album Following Collapse Of PledgeMusic


Fear Factory frontman Burton C. Bell has issued an update on the new album from his Ascension Of The Watchers project. That outfit had launched a PledgeMusic campaign last summer to help facilitate the creation and release of their new record “Stormcrow“. However, after encountering numerous financial issues which left thousands of fans and artists alike without money and product, PledgeMusic are now expected to declare bankruptcy.

Though the campaign for “Stormcrow” reached 120% of its original goal, the band were unable to obtain the funds for it from PledgeMusic. In a statement issued by the band earlier today, May 09th, the following was stated of the album’s current state:

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“Dear Ascension of the Watchers Pledgers,

It is with deep regret that AoTW announces PledgeMusic‘s failure for it’s inability to fulfill their obligation toward our campaign.

In January this year, AoTW began recording the new album ‘Stormcrow‘ following a successful pledge campaign that saw the project surpass the initial threshold by hitting 120%of our goal. It was during this first week of recording that PledgeMusic informed us of it’s immediate halt to all PledgeMusic campaign platforms, with a further statement requiring 90 days to put right all business affairs.

We had no other alternative but to wait out the 90 days patiently as we continued production for the new record, with the information of a ‘potential’ investor, and that PledgeMusic had not filed bankruptcy, or any administration process to liquidate their business.

It is now absolutely apparent that PledgeMusic will not pay any bands at this point. Our regular and transparent communication has ceased, and our concerns have been further heightened with more insight into the shameful quagmire PledgeMusic finds itself in. Without this payment from PledgeMusic, AOTW cannot manufacture or ship our cd’s, vinyl and other pledge items.

We advise all our pledgers to directly contact your credit card company to inform them that you have not received your order from PledgeMusic, and that PledgeMusic has no intention to fulfill your order, so that you may be fully refunded.

We wholeheartedly apologize to you, our pledger, for the failure of PledgeMusic. We are ALL victims to the failure of what was once an honest option to all working musicians and their supporters. This irresponsibility has affected everyone involved.

As a band, we are moving forward with our own limited resources. Mixing has begun, and we are determined to finish this recording.


Ascension of The Watchers

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