Serpents (Ex-Oceano) Release New Album “Temet Nosce”


Serpents, who feature ex-Oceano, etc. guitarist Andrew Mikhail among their ranks, released their album “Temet Nosce” today, April 26th. Speaking of the record, Mikhail stated:

“‘Temet Nosce‘ is hard to define, because it is meant to be a call-to-action rather than just an album of cool sounding songs. It is an esoteric piece of art; invoking whatever lies hidden within you, for better or worse. However, as the years had passed creating this “Magnum Opus” of ours, the album has gone through quite a distillation process; and in return, it has taken many shapes, forms, and meanings. Thus becoming a more sentimental piece for me, being that it also gives the world a closer look into my personal life, my loss, my love; and my many rebirths.

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To “Know Thyself” is the Great Work, and that is this album’s purpose; alike the albums before it, this is an exercise in illumination that I have decided to share with the masses in hopes that it will inspire others to follow suit. How that pans out, is strictly up to the listener; as this understanding comes from the perspective that it is not necessarily the lyrics or music itself that has any inherent magickal qualities, but it is the ‘initiate’ themselves.

It is a journey, a call to adventure, an incantation; but most of all, it is an experience.”


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