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William Francis (ex-Aiden/William Control) Denies ‘Sex Cult’ Allegation Via A Series Of Videos


Last year a report emerged over at The Daily Beast featuring allegations that William Francis (William Control, ex-Aiden) had been running a ‘sex cult’ that was comprised of various women. As the report showed, numerous accusers came forward with allegations against him, claiming abusive behavior, sexual misconduct, rape, signing a ‘blood contract’ and more.

While the Federal Way Police Department in Federal Way, Washington launched an investigation into Francis over one of allegations, they eventually decided to decline prosecuting him. In a series of videos posted to YouTube in recent weeks, Francis has taken to attempting to clear his name, describing his individual relationships with the women who publicly accused him in detail and providing what he claims to be proof of his innocence.

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To help illustrate his side, he shares various screenshots and such of past chat conversations and emails and also goes as far as showing sections of a past police report related to the matter. Be warned though, Given Francis‘ admitted penchant for BDSM-themed sex, the content described and exhibited is often inherently sexually explicit.

Throughout the series of videos Francis admits to having had a series of extramarital relationships while touring in the past. He states that his infidelity and the coverage of it that ensued led to his marriage ending in divorce and much of his personal relationships with friends and people in the music industry being destroyed.

When the allegations first cropped up, he denied them in a statement and chose to go dark on social media. Below you can find the series of videos he has posted in recent weeks denying each of the allegations.

[via Metal Insider]

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