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Ex-Static-X/Dope, Etc. Guitarist Tripp Eisen To Launch New Band Face Without Fear


Former Static-X/Dope/Murderdolls guitarist Tripp Eisen (aka Tod Rex Salvador) has once again returned to music, this time with a band by the name of Face Without Fear, who shared the below teaser.

Eisen‘s return to music since his release from prison has been a divisive topic. Back in 2005 he was convicted of having sexual relations with a fourteen-year-old girl. He was 39 at the time of his arrest. The charge was one of two he faced in early 2005 for incidents with two separate underage girls.

He was said to have posed as his own lookalike online at the time, going by the name of ‘T-Rex’ to lure at least one of the girls (more on his original charges can be found here.) Though he was released in 2007, he later was sentenced to more prison time for a parole violation in 2008.

Eisen previously returned to the stage in 2016 with his 1980s outfit Teeze/Roughhouse. This latest band finds him joined by vocalist Ken “Mantis” Hoyt, drummer Terrestrial T and guitarist Dante. They are scheduled to play their first live show on June 01st at QXT’s in Newark, NJ.

In this 2017 interview, Eisen said in part of his criminal past:

“There were two cases. I had to deal with both things. And I got through it. Yeah, there was two cases. People can… It’s been out there. It’s been so long ago. That’s why it’s kind of hard to talk about it. But I’m here, I’m alive, I’m well, I survived it.

And the fact that… Just dealing with it was difficult. But I’ve grown. It’s been ten years. I’ve written a lot of music in the interim. I’ve grown a lot since then. I reconnected with a lot of former friends, partners in the industry, different people I’ve worked with.I’ve been rebuilding some of my relationships with people, and it’s been a blessing. I feel grateful for all the people that stuck by me.

Sometimes it’s hard to mend relationships, especially with a lot of the press that I got—very hurtful and stuff—but I understand it; I understand where people come from.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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