These Arms Are Snakes

These Arms Are Snakes Rarities Compilation In The Works


These Arms Are Snakes have plans to release their various rarities recorded during their active years as a new compilation sometime in 2020. Responding to a fan recently via his Tumblr, the band’s former bassist Brian Cook (now of Russian Circles, etc.) commented of that:

“…All the random These Arms Are Snakes singles, splits, comp appearances, and other detritus is currently getting remixed and remastered for a rarities compilation that should see the light of day in early 2020. I imagine at that point it will wind up on all digital streaming services too.”

Another user asked Cook about the possibility of the band playing a proper farewell show, to which he replied:

“There was always a loose plan to do a final show and maybe a few out-of-state farewell dates, but the break-up was a little tense and we decided to give it some time to let wounds heal. Here we are almost ten years later and I guess a “final show” is really more of a “reunion show” at this point. But yes, there is still a plan to have an official triumphant goodbye at some point down the line. But writing and recording new music is extremely unlikely.”

The band last took to the stage back in 2016 for this surprise performance.