Machine Head's "Burn My Eyes" 25th Anniversary Lineup

Machine Head Have Re-Recorded “Burn My Eyes” With Their 25th Anniversary Lineup


Machine Head vocalist/guitarist Robb Flynn has revealed that the band have re-recorded their 1994 debut “Burn My Eyes” live in the studio with 3/4th of the original lineup. The band plan to release the tracks from those sessions, as well as videos, as they gear up to tour in support of the album’s 25th anniversary this year.

Flynn and fellow current Machine Head member bassist Jared MacEachern have been rejoined by guitarist Logan Mader and drummer Chris Kontos to celebrate the anniversary of the outing this year with this European/UK tour confirmed thus far. As for their re-recording plans, Flynn told Kerrang!:

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“This ‘Burn My Eyes” tour is happening, but it’s still six months away. As Kerrang! have speculated, we are recording new music. We are getting to release new music. In fact, the line-up that’ll be going out on tour have actually gone and re-recorded ‘Burn My Eyes‘ live in the studio. We plan on dripping that out song-by-song. It’ll probably be digital-only – just something cool to help celebrate.

We filmed ourselves doing it so there’ll probably be some play-through videos, too. It’s so cool seeing us playing those songs again for the first time, like, ‘How does that riff go?’ or, ‘What was that lyric again?’ There are mistakes, but we just left them in. It was just part of this really special, fun, positive moment.”

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