Primus Reportedly Set To Open Slayer’s Final U.S. Tour, Les Claypool Speaks Of Getting Busted With Kirk Hammett’s Weed


Primus frontman/bassist Les Claypool let out a surprising secret during a recent appearance on comedian/actor Bill Burr‘s weekly podcast (hear it below). According to Claypool, Primus will be one of the support bands on Slayer‘s eventual (and as yet unannounced) final U.S. run. Claypool said of that:

“There’s another thing too that’s kind of a secret but maybe I can tell you now… So it looks like we’re confirmed, we’re gonna play the last, the very last run supporting Slayer‘s very last tour—Primus is… It’s starting at Madison Square Garden and ending at The Forum, that’s the rumor.”

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Slayer themselves have of course been winding down their farewell tour with various legs and dates across the globe. During the chat Claypool also spoke of his time spent in high school with Metallica, ex-Exodus guitarist Kirk Hammett and how Hammett‘s extracurricular activities got him in trouble with the police:

Kirk was in my algebra class with Mr. Kelly. Kirk had this dirty white t-shirt with big thick pop bottle glasses and he sat behind me divvying up dimebags and looking at guitar magazines. I remember, cause I would always be singing these songs and he would be like ‘Hey, Claypool, hey man, you want to come sing for my band?’ And I was too bashful to sing. I can barely sing now. So when it came down to it I couldn’t do it.”

Claypool also revealed that his dad found weed in a film container stashed in bedroom back when he was in high school and that his dad called the cops on him over it. As it turns out, the cop who responded was friends with Les‘ dad and came to intimidate Les and teach him a lesson. Les later admitted to Burr that the weed in question was sold to him by Hammett.

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