Kittie's Morgan Lander

Kittie’s Morgan Lander On Performing In Front Of Their Musical Idols: “We Always Kind Of Felt Like Impostors”


Kittie frontwoman/guitarist Morgan Lander appears on the latest episode of the ‘Talk Toomey Podcast‘ and as part of the conversation, spoke of touring with legendary metal musicians during their earlier years. During that part of the chat, she spoke of how intimidating it could be performing on bills like the 2000 ‘Ozzfest‘ with members of Pantera and more watching from the side of the stage:

“We always kind of felt like impostors, like ‘We don’t even belong here. We’re just little girls from London, Ontario.’ And when your idols; when the musicians that you look up to are standing on the side of the stage watching you play, that’s such a trip.

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That happened in Europe as well with Korn, I remember, that’s one of our very first festival experiences. Korn was on as well and we we’re playing and I remember a couple of the guys standing side stage.

And just thinking like ‘wow, this is crazy, we’ve finally made it you know?’ Cause that was shit that we used to joke about when we were super young when we started out like ‘yeah, we’re on tour with Korn and blah, blah, blah.’

But then it really happened and it was so unbelievable. It is nerve-wracking, but then it’s kind of like you snap to attention and try to put on the best show that you can, it’s all that you can do.”

This Tuesday, March 26th, will see the release of the band’s new 20th anniversary live film, ‘Kittie: Live At The London Music Hall‘. It captures the band’s October 27th, 2017 20th anniversary show at the London Music Hall in London, ON, which saw them joined onstage by a bunch of their former members.