Fit For A King

Fit For A King’s Ryan Kirby Says Being A Christian Band Has Cost Them Tours


Whether it be for the imagery, the lifestyle or actually subscribing to Satanic beliefs, it’s safe to say that countless artists in the genre of heavy metal have put in the work to cement it as ‘the devil’s music’. Of course, from Stryper on down to the Solid State Records roster and more, there have also been a variety of bands existing in the genre who proudly fly the flag of Christ.

That co-existence has led to some tension in the past—Behemoth‘s Nergal ripping up a bible allegedly given to him by members of The Devil Wears Prada onstage years ago being a fairly public example. Still, using heavier music as a platform for their faith is a way of life for many bands on both sides, even if it doesn’t always stay that way.

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Some artists have turned their backs on their beliefs over the years—Underoath‘s decision to distance themselves from their Christian past serves as one of the more recent examples. There’s also no shortage of bands who have eased the Satanic presence in their music as well.

Either way, just as concerned citizens and religious authorities rally against Satanic bands, groups who adhere to a Christian faith also face their own form of discrimination. Fit For A King appear to be one of those bands and their frontman Ryan Kirby spoke of that recently on the ‘BREWtally Speaking Podcast‘, stating that their faith has cost them tours at the hands of other bands.

When asked if he has ever felt that he or Fit For A King were ever judged unfairly for being so vocal about their Christianity, he replied:

“There’s definitely been evidence of being us wrongly judged. We’ve heard examples from our booking agent where certain bands just don’t wanna bring us on tour due to the fact we’re a Christian band.

We don’t preach on stage, and most of our songs aren’t even ‘Christian’ themed. So it’s kinda like people don’t look into what the bands actually about. It’s the same for bands like Phinehas. A lot of the their new record is not technically a Christian subject, a lot of it’s politically driven.

I don’t know, I just think a lot of bands see ‘oh, band on Solid State Records, oh they toured with August Burns Red and played on XYZ Christian fest. Oh I don’t want them on my tour.’

It’s not a lot of bands, but it’s definitely affected… not that eventually bands can come around, but I think it’s an uphill battle convincing some bands. Like, hey, we’re not gonna go on stage and just preach for 35 mins.”

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