While She Sleeps

Up To 100 Phones Stolen During While She Sleeps’ Recent Show


A report over at the Evening Standard has word that a suspected organized gang managed to pickpocket up to 100 phones from the audience during While She Sleeps‘ show at the Roundhouse in London, England this past Friday, March 01st. Security were alerted to the matter during the show and had audience members searched upon exiting the venue, making them unlock their phones to prove it was theirs. Despite the measure, it would appear that the thieves were successful in their endeavor.

One fan interviewed by the publication claimed that two attempts were made to steal his phone while he was crowd surfing, but were foiled by a bungee cord he had attached to it, which led to an altercation.

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Mass phone thefts have become a somewhat common occurrence in the UK during live concerts with one man being arrested with 53 stolen phones at a Royal Blood show in Birmingham, UK back in 2017. Likewise a man was jailed after being caught for stealing 27 phones during a Limp Bizkit show in Manchester, UK back in 2014.