HELLYEAH To Film New Music Video This Weekend In Brooklyn, Confirm They Will Be Touring This Year


HELLYEAH took part in a livestream on Facebook earlier today (February 28th) and during it they confirmed that they will indeed be touring in support of their forthcoming new album. That effort will feature the final recordings of the band’s late drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott, who passed away last June. While the band have yet to announce a replacement for Paul, they did say that he “played his ass off” on the record with frontman Chad Gray later stating:

“…We believe our boy’s still with us. We think he’s gonna be really proud of what we did—I know he’s proud of what we did. We worked really hard on it… He completed all the drums on it so it’s all him, it’s his final work so we’re just stoked to get out and play it for you guys.”

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Guitarist Tom Maxwell also stated of the the band’s mindset since Vinnie‘s passing:

“It’s been a very dark eight months for us. Quite honestly it took quite a few months for us to even come back around and be talk to each other without just kinda falling apart. It was gutting. It’s been very gutting.”

In other news, the band also revealed that they will be filming a music video for a first single from the upcoming album at Duffs in Brooklyn, NY tomorrow, March 01st. That shoot has an open call for fans to attend and take part. Furthermore, while they have yet to set a release date for their new album, the band will be making a special announcement this coming Monday, March 04th.

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