Revenge Season

Revenge Season Breakup As Singer Apologizes For Having Used Racial Slurs


Revenge Season appear to have broken up following the controversy of the band’s frontwoman Morgan Rutledge being alleged to have used racial slurs in a group chat featuring members of the band. Screenshots of those chats were leaked by an apparently ousted member of the band, causing the group to be ejected from tours and festivals as well as their label.

Rutledge initially denied the comments were made by her, stating via social media:

“Good to see someone who you considered a close friend stab you in the back with false information. THIS never happened. I had my phone away from me and this was said in the group chat.”

Bloodbather vocalist Jeffrey Georges however has since alleged that Rutledge asked him to take the fall for the comments, tweeting:

Rutledge has since issued an apology in the wake of the matter, owning up to the comments:

“First of all, I want to say that I am incredibly sorry and regretful for what I’ve done. I’m sorry to so many people, POC specifically. I’m sorry for letting people who supported me and my band down, I’m sorry for letting down people I care about, the hardcore/metal community, my friends, and my family. The context of the situation will never justify the horrific actions I’ve made.

The only thing I can do is apologize and hold myself accountable in this manner. What I said was a terrible, racist comment put into shitty dark humor- which does not excuse it by any means. It was a fucked up joke and it should NOT have been said. I crossed a line, and I fully own up to what I have done. I was insensitive to something that should not be taken lightly, and for that I am deeply apologetic. Nothing I say can fix what I’ve done, I just need to learn from this situation and try to grow as a person.

When I first found out about all of this, I panicked and tried to get my ass covered by a friend, which obviously backfired and I deserved that 100%. I was overwhelmed, scared and asked for a really stupid ‘favor’ I should not have asked for. I know it was wrong of me and I didn’t want to come out lying about the situation. I handled all of this totally wrong. Dishonesty doesn’t get you anywhere, and I can only imagine how everyone feels and perceives me now.

For the right and obvious reasons, Revenge Season has dropped all shows, tours, fests, etc that we had booked, and will not continue being a band.

The leftover merch will be donated to a nearby Atlanta shelter in the next few days, and the van will be going up for sale in the next couple days as well. Please message Mitchel Lyons or Ryan Patterson if you’re interested for further detail of the van.

Again, I know my apology won’t mean much of anything to those hurt by my words but I am extremely sorry.”

[via Lambgoat]