Phil Demmel Says Robb Flynn Was Not Approached For Viol-lence Reunion


Fresh off of a stint filling in for Gary Holt on Slayer and his November 2018 exit from Machine Head, Phil Demmel has returned to his past, re-releasing an album from Torque and gearing up for some Vio-lence reunion shows. One high profile member of Vio-lence not returning for those shows however is Machine Head vocalist/guitarist Robb Flynn. Decibel recently asked if that was by his or the band’s choice, to which he replied:

Ray Vegas will be playing on guitar. We actually didn’t even approach Robb to do this. He’s always really worked pretty hard to not talk about Vio-lence or include Vio-lence in the past and this is something that, especially fresh off the Machine Head exit—yeah, he wasn’t approached.

This is something we’re doing without him; when we closed Vio-lence back in 2003 when I joined Machine Head, I was actually gonna write a Vio-lence record and shortly after I joined Machine Head, I was told that I couldn’t do that.

So Robb, he played in that last show and even his involvement in that last Vio-lence show back in 2003 was kinda… there are some memories from all of us about him being involved and playing the benefit with Sean that was something special and he got to sing. We will do like we have done before, move on, without him.”

As far as new music and more touring past these reunion shows, Demmel said the group are “not closing the door on anything.” The band are set to perform at The Metro in Oakland, CA on April 13th and 14th.