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Phil Labonte Says All That Remains Have Yet To Discuss A Permanent Replacement For Oli Herbert


Though ex-Chelsea Grin/Born Of Osiris guitarist Jason Richardson has been filling in with All That Remains as of late, it would appear that a decision has yet to be made regarding a permanent replacement for the band’s late guitarist Oli Herbert. Herbert died this past October amid suspicious circumstances with Richardson having since been brought on to tour with the band.

In a newly published interview with Decibel, All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte commented of touring without Herbert and Richardson‘s current role in the band. Speaking of touring without Herbert and if the band’s performance was different without him, Labonte replied:

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“I don’t know. It’s tough for me to answer that kind of question. It’s still really new. In the 20 years’ time that All That Remains has been a band, there’s only been one tour where Oli wasn’t ever playing lead guitar. I don’t know how to process that yet, I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.”

He continued:

“It was one tour and we don’t have someone that’s actually “the guy” yet. We haven’t discussed whether Jason wants to join the band full time, we haven’t discussed whether or not we want to have Jason join the band. We’re not even at that point yet, so I don’t know.”

When asked earlier in the interview how Richardson came to land the role, Labonte offered:

“Well we had toured with Born of Osiris when Jason was in that band and him and Oli had hit it off and become buddies. I’m not sure exactly how much they stayed in contact, but I knew that they would hang out and talk guitar and listen to music and stuff, so when Oli passed away, Jason did a cover of him playing ‘Chiron‘ and then Aaron [Patrick], our bass player, reached out to Jason and said ‘Hey, you sounded really good. Would you be interested in filling in if we went and needed you to come aboard?’

He was like ‘Yeah, dude, I’d love to’ and he did an amazing job. He came in and nailed everything and really kind of saved our ass. He made it easier on us when it comes to the grieving side of it. It relieved pressure about this stuff, the business side that we had planned.

The personal side is easier to handle and cope with. The more pressures you can relieve on a situation, the better.”

Next up for All That Remains is this U.S. tour with In Flames and All Hail The Yeti and this co-headlining tour with Attila and more.

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