Cane Hill

Cane Hill Debut “86d — No Escort” Music Video


Cane Hill have shared another new song from their semi-acoustic themed effort, “Kill The Sun“. “86d — No Escort” is the latest to emerge ahead of the January 18th release of the EP and it arrives with the below accompanying music video. The band commented:

“‘86d — No Escort; was actually the first song with predominant electronic influence. We wrote it with Drew Fulk and he brought that out of us and helped us shape the rest of the EP. Originally, there weren’t any real drums at all but [drummer] Devin [Clark] really came through, adding the dynamics that he did.

“We wanted to go with a really early 2000s vibe on this song and drew inspiration from artists like Everlast and Cypress Hill to get what we got out of it. Overall, it became a catchy as fuck tune that anyone who’s ever been shitty can relate to.”

You can catch the band out touring in support of the EP next month on this U.S. tour with Sevendust, Tremonti and more.