Korn's Brian "Head" Welch

Brian “Head” Welch Gives Update On New Korn Album, Jokes That Korn Are Still Too Nü Metal For The Deftones


Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch has dropped some names of who the band have been writing with thus far for their thirteenth studio album and when you can tentatively expect it. In a conversation with Revolver centered around his ‘Loud Krazy Love‘ documentary, which focuses on his battles with drug addiction that saw him originally exit Korn, finding his faith, and above all raising his daughter Jennea, he also spoke of the band’s next release.

Welch‘s aforementioned daughter also took part in the conversation, which at one point saw Jennea reference her admiration of the music of Deftones and Staind in her younger years. This led her father to joke “Deftones? They don’t tour with us. We’re too nu-metal. Don’t bring up their name. [Laughs]”

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While the Deftones did indeed actively go out of their way to not tour with nü metal bands during the early 2000s, the band’s frontman Chino Moreno has since stated they are now open to the idea after some controversy emerged regarding the topic last year.

Meanwhile, in regards to Korn‘s next album, Head stated:

“The new record, I’m very stoked on. I can’t wait to get that done. There’s a lot left to do. What we have is really encouraging. We have been writing and we have tracked most of the drums. But we’ll probably write a couple more songs — that always happens. At the beginning of the year, we’re going to really focus and get it done.”

Speaking of the sessions and who is involved, he offered:

“We’re doing it all over. We’ve been to Nashville a few times, we’ve done a lot in L.A. We actually wrote with John Feldmann, too, for the demos. Travis Barker laid the temporary drums for some, and that was cool. We’ve known John Feldmann since ’87 — he was in Electric Love Hogs. So we’re writing with different people. We grabbed [producer] Nick Raskulinecz, and he’s very hands on and such a fan of music. It’s not a job or a gig to him.”

When asked when it will be out, he replied:

“The Korn album should be out by next fall. We have to get it out, because we want to get back to the fans next year and do our thing. We’re working hard. We’ve been through a lot. Now it’s time to get all those emotions and turn them into a positive with music. Jonathan is really good at that.”

Though the album may be arriving a bit later than some had hoped for, the fall release is understandable given that this year saw the death of the estranged wife of the band’s frontman Jonathan Davis, Deven Davis. Her death was later ruled to be an accidental overdose. Davis issued this statement on her passing.

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