Cane Hill

Cane Hill’s Elijah Witt Explains The Band’s Move Away From Nü Metal


With their upcoming new EP “Kill The Sun“, Cane Hill are showcasing a new facet to their sound. Having stripped away their more traditional nü metal aggression for acoustic guitars and clean vocals, the band’s frontman Elijah Witt has further explained the shift. Speaking with Metal Hammer, he stated:

“We looked at of our idols and they’ve all done similar things. We were like ‘If they can do it, so can we!’ Alice In Chains had ‘Jar Of Flies‘ and that’s always been one of our favorites because it was a deviation from their regular sound.

From our first EP, to Smile and TFG, we’ve always had a softer side to us. If we did an EP that was exclusively these types of songs, we could release singles that could get us the recognition we’ve never had.”

Thus far the band have released the title track to the effort and said of the reaction they’ve received thus far:

“People were shocked that I had the ability to sing and that we can play acoustic guitars, but generally they’ve been wildly more positive than any of us expected.

We went into the release with loads of anxiety thinking that our core fanbase were just going to be confused or disgusted that we would even dream of doing something soft. Our Spotify numbers are stupidly good comparatively.

I think we’ve lucked out in garnering this fanbase who enjoy the fact that we like to push our boundaries and do weird things that lots of other bands wouldn’t be able to because their capabilities are limited or they’re too afraid.”

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