Rage Against The Machine's Evil Empire Cover

Here’s What The Boy Who Graced The Cover Of Rage Against The Machine’s “Evil Empire” Looks Like Now


If you weren’t aware, the boy gracing the cover of Rage Against The Machine‘s 1996 3x multi-platinum selling sophomore album “Evil Empire” didn’t originate from someone’s imagination—at least not entirely. Instead the cover captured the likeness of a younger Ari Meisel, who now runs

Kerrang! caught up with Meisel, who spoke of his indirect brush with fame and more via the cover. When asked if he personally modeled for the painting or ever actually met the band, he stated:

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“Actually, I didn’t model nor meet the band. My father was and is an art dealer and he represented the painter, Mel Ramos. Mel painted the original painting of me, entitled CrimeBusters, as a birthday present for me when I turned 11. The group saw the painting in a book of Mel’s and liked it, then adapted it for their album cover.”

When asked if he is a fan of the band’s music, he offered:

“Sadly, I was never really a fan, When the album hit, and all these people made the connection, it was like that scene in ‘Office Space‘ when the two guys find out the guy they are interviewing is named Michael Bolton, and they say, ‘Oh my god, you must be such a fan of his work.’ Yeah, it felt like that.”

You can read more about that over at Kerrang!.

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