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Mushroomhead’s Rick Thomas Accused Of Headbutting Wife Of Grimm Trigger’s Singer At Ohio Show (Updated)


Update November 24th, 2018 05:44 PM:

Mushroomhead‘s Rick “ST1TCH” Thomas has since responded via the Facebook posting of this story (link here and here.) In those posts, he stated:

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“Congrats Grimm Trigger, you finally got some press for being complete liars. Enjoy it while you can because your band is god-awful and no one is ever going to take your product seriously. Keep hittin’ that meth-pipe and robbing houses ya clowns.”

“Also thanks PRP for being as lame as the national enquirer with this fake click-bait story with no facts whatsoever… You took the drugged-out ramblings of a convicted felon over actually researching and conducting a proper interview..bravo. Are you aware of what defimation of character is? #Garbage #PrpSucks #FakeNews”

Fans of Mushroomhead have also come to the band’s aid, citing Sonny Cleveland‘s (aka Samuel Wilcox) lengthy rapsheet as a reflection of his character—something which Thomas also referenced in his initial comment. Meanwhile, an apparently since-deleted comment made by Sonny‘s apparent wife Jennifer via social media appears to dispute Sonny‘s retelling of events.

Grim Trigger/Mushroomhead Dispute

Original Story:

An altercation took place between the camps of Grimm Trigger and Mushroomhead when the two shared a stage together during their November 21st show at the Music Lynxx in Mentor On The Lake, OH. According to Grimm Trigger frontman Sonny, the tension began after headliners Mushroomhead were overheard backstage being unhappy with the locals on the bill allegedly falling behind in their stage schedule.

Sonny for his part states in the below video that with how much gear Mushroomhead had onstage to begin with, the planned 15 minute set changeovers were more hopeful than practical. More specifically however, as Sonny put it, he claims to have heard Mushroomhead keyboardist/water drummer Rick “ST1TCH” Thomas make disparaging remarks about the band/local bands backstage prior to the show.

This all apparently led up to Sonny to make some pointed comments about local bands paying for headliners and such onstage. This—or at least the apparent set time overage—saw Grimm Trigger get the plug pulled on their sound during their last song.

As Sonny tells it, Thomas then came down to the stage an began yelling at the band to get their gear off the stage. He went on to say of that:

“…I look over, there’s a scuffle going on. I see my baby Jen and I seen ST1TCH headbutt my fucking wife. Really? Really? You’re a grown ass man, she’s five foot, and you’re gonna headbutt her?

There ain’t even nothing to talk about after that. So I went for one dude, I went for ST1TCH, ripped him up by his motherfucking face, and let’s say I removed him from the club.

And then all your little fucking Spice Girls, they want to jump in. And everyone of ya’ll got the flux, ya’ll got to meet me huh?”

He later added that he regrets that the situation went public and that he is left to comment on the incident in a public forum. Following some thinly veiled threats towards ST1TCH, he offered:

“It’s time for Mushroomhead” to step the fuck to the side. You guys have done your thing, you’ve worn out your welcome. You’ve shit on people. Call it bold, call it brash, call it whatever the fuck you want. Grimm Trigger is coming for the throne of Cleveland.”

He also claimed that ST1TCH went on to call the cops on him after the incident, though no charges were apparently pressed.