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The Current Working Title For Periphery’s New Album Is A Rather Bold Choice


If you’ve been following the members of Periphery—particularly guitarist Misha Mansoor—on social media in recent months, you’re likely well aware of the various ‘working title’ ideas being tossed around for the band’s upcoming fourth studio album. Among some of the highlights he’s shared this year are the following:

  • Periphery 4: When I say Squeeze, Squeeze…Squeeze.
  • Periphery 4: Lick the Stamp and Send It
  • Periphery 4: Big Dick Energy
  • Periphery 4: Two in the Stink, One in the Stink
  • Periphery 4: Just like my dad
  • Periphery 4: Press F to Pay Respects
  • Periphery 4: Why is Gamora?
  • Periphery 4: Final Fantasy 7
  • Periphery 4: Nike Tyson
  • Periphery 4: We are not going to be suck this year
  • Periphery 4: Memes from a Memory

And that is just skimming the surface. However, it would appear that the they all pale in comparison to actual working title they have been using during the ongoing recording sessions for the album. As you can see below, they are currently operating under ‘Periphery IV: Eat Butt, Beat Guts‘. While it seems highly unlikely that the title will make the final cut, you can’t deny it would turn heads. A first video update from the initial writing sessions for that record was shared yesterday and can be found here.

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