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Ministry Working On New Album, Al Jourgensen Involved With Upcoming David Hasselhoff Remix


Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen has a lot to celebrate lately, including having turned 60 this past Tuesday, October 09th, and the band’s 1988 album “The Land Of Rape And Honey” turning 30 today, October 11th. In a recent conversation with, Jourgensen discussed those milestones and more, while also referring to the aforementioned album as his “favorite record.”

During the conversation Jourgensen also revealed that the band entered the studio this week to begin work on their fifteenth studio album. When asked about the effort and the rather quick turnaround considering their latest album “AmeriKKKant” was released this past March, he replied:

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“Yeah. I mean, I have to get as many albums as I can done while Trump is still president. And then what am I going to do: write those crappy albums that I write while Democrats are president?”

When asked about the ideas he has in the works for it, he commented:

“Well, yeah. The last album was not an anti-Trump album, it was like the “how we got here” album. It kind of touched on what I was talking about with the [self-titled Surgical Meth Machine] album, how society has changed so drastically since social media because ubiquitous.

And in a Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker kind of way, examining the ramifications and permutations of what that entails. Trump is the perfect byproduct of the society we’ve created…

Society is really changing, but I do actually see hope, in a very cautious way, the same way I saw hope back in the late ’60s when I was first really becoming aware of politics and the way society works… I just hope we don’t make the same mistakes that turned a social movement into the latest fashion trend.

If you look back on the ’60s, we made some nominal civil rights and gender rights gains, but generally what we have to show for it is LSD and bell-bottoms and Woodstock. I’m hoping we go a little bit further this time. And I do see the new album touching on topics like that.”

In regards to if the new album would follow a similar direction to his previous trio of records (“Houses Of The Molé“, “Rio Grande Blood” and “The Last Sucker“) that rallied against the administration of then U.S. President George W. Bush, he replied:

“Three albums of bashing Bush… although the last one was almost like, I felt sorry for the guy as much as I felt sorry for us for having to deal with the guy. ‘The Last Sucker‘ was like, “We’re all suckers in this.” ‘AmeriKKKant‘ wasn’t completely anti-Trump.

It was how we got to Trump, and I think this next album is going to be much more of a positive message of “How do we get out of Trump and keep it that way?” So I’m thinking about this in a structural sense.

As far as musically, the stuff that I’ve been working on lately is far more Portishead than Motörhead (laughs.)… We’re getting a lot more into electronics again and scratching, as opposed to three chords and a cloud of dust and shouting as loud as you can through blown-out speakers.

That’s certainly served its purpose for me for a while, but I think we’re getting into more heady material.”

In other news, he also revealed that through his association with DJ Swamp, he recently worked on an upcoming remix of David Hasselhoff covering Neil Diamond‘s “Sweet Caroline“. Hasslehoff has that planned for a new album he has coming out, though Jourgensen didn’t get to meet the man himself yet.

Ministry themselves will embark on this fall tour next month with Carpenter Brut and Igorrr. The trek will find Ministry performing “AmeriKKKant” in full each night along with other fan favorites.