Nü-metal Revivalists Sylar Reveal Their Favorite Nü-metal Albums


If you’ve heard Sylar‘s latest album “Seasons” you’re no doubt keenly aware of the band’s nü-metal revivalism. Speaking with Loudwire, the band’s members each revealed their favorite nü-metal album of all-time that inspired them to follow this path.

Linkin Park – “Meteora“:

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For me, it’s always been a close tie between ‘Meteora‘ and ‘Hybrid Theory‘ when it comes down to my favorite nu metal albums of that time. I think one of the reasons why I really grew to love ‘Meteora’ the way I did was because of the melodies and overall sentimental feel of the songs.

I’ve always loved sad music for some reason, and that album really set a vibe for me. I felt like during that record was when Linkin Park had really mastered their sound. I’ll never forget hearing it for the first time. It was a perfect mixture of heavy sharp riffs with a massive amount of memorable hooks that still shoot nostalgia through me when I hear em. I can never get enough of it. –Jayden Panesso (vocals)

Kid Rock – “Devil Without A Cause“:

I was introduced to Kid Rock’s ‘Devil Without A Cause‘ album by my parents. The songs “Cowboy” and “Bawitdaba” were the initial singles that caught my attention. But after diving into the album the self titled track “Devil Without A Cause” and the song “Wasting Time” soon took over as my favorites.

What I loved about the album is the fusion of all the different music styles. You could find heavy rock riffs, fused with hip-hop flows, and there was even some outlaw-country thrown in there. Their drummer Stefanie Eulinberg was easily one of my favorite drummers at the time. She ripped some sick grooves on the record, and beat the crap out of the drums.

Her playing was just super in your face. I loved the no-care, no-worries, party attitude that Kid Rock brought to the table, which is what makes ‘Devil Without A Cause‘ one of my all time favorite nu-metal records. –Cody Ash (drums)

Limp Bizkit – “Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water“:

From the riffs to the attitude Limp Bizkit has blown my mind for decades. I found out about the band through one of my middle school catalogs that we got every quarter, I saw the cover for $3 bill and I was sold just by the artwork! My favorite record by the band has to be ‘Chocolate Starfish,’ I still listen to that record and get the same emotions I got when I was younger from listening to songs like “My Way,” “Full Nelson,” “My Generation” and honestly the entire record.

It gets angry, it gets sad it’s a great mix of hip hop and metal! Everything I love about music in one band. I’ve yet to see the band live but when I do I’m gonna head bang so hard to make up for all the time I’ve missed! –Miguel Cardona (guitars)

Mudvayne – “L.D. 50“:

Growing up, I always loved Sipknot but never really ventured outside of them for heavy music. I eventually heard and saw the video for Mudvayne‘s “Dig” and then ventured deeper into the album and immediately fell in love. It was something new to me at the time that was different but hit just as hard as Slipknot did and I couldn’t get enough of it.

The album was also very instrumental in me wanting to play bass in the beginning, the slapping in ‘Dig’ still hits me just as hard to this day. I still consistently have the album on repeat, to this day I don’t think Mudvayne has put out an album I didn’t enjoy. –Travis Hufton (bass)

Sevendust – “Animosity“:

I remember getting this album for Christmas back in the very early 2000’s and instantly getting attached to it. There was something about the whole vibe that band has it was so unique yet so aggressive. I found out about them through some friends and they instantly grew on me.

The vocal style of Lajon is so diverse and powerful coupled with Morgan’s backing vocals made a perfect match. I remember thinking it was so heavy but had so much more to offer with so many well written choruses. “Animosity” was in my Walkman everyday as soon as I got it, I’d jam it everyday on the way to and from school then I’d get home and blast it on the stereo in my bedroom. –Dustin Jennings (guitars)

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