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The Planned Vinyl Reissue Of Zao’s “The Funeral Of God” Has Turned Into A Mess


Tragic Hero Records‘ planned vinyl reissue of Zao‘s “The Funeral Of God” album has turned into quite a mess. The new vinyl pressing of the record was originally due out on September 28th and while some fans received notices that their orders had been shipped, it turned out those confirmations were sent in error. The band themselves have wound up caught in the crossfire and sought out to cancel the release, revealing they had yet to even receive a test pressing for approval.

Tragic Hero Records themselves have since issued the below statement on the matter to some of those who pre-ordered the reissue:

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“You are receiving this email regarding your pre-order purchase of the ZaoFuneral of God vinyl. Regretfully, there has been a delay in the production. Tragic Hero Records does not own the album, nor do we have right to manufacture or license it to others. However, we do have the legal right to sell predetermined manufactured amounts under a finished goods deal with the licensor.

Over time during this release, we’ve had massive disagreements, with the licensor, over the billing of the units being manufactured to fill your order. All copies, in all variations, will be manufactured and distributed once this is resolved. Again, we regret to inform you about this delay and we were hoping to have this resolved before the October release. Please stand by as we communicate any updates regarding a new release date.

As we all know, this a great and important record. These current circumstances have nothing to do with the band and regrettably, regarding the manufacturing of this record, they have no leverage or say with the production of the vinyl. We are working it out with the licensor. Tragic Hero Records would like to thank you for your ongoing support as both a Zao fan and a customer. We are doing everything we can to work this out and get you a new release date and your order.

Thank you,
Tragic Hero Records

The band were not apprised of this latest development beforehand and have since commented via social media in regards to the release:

“It is essentially non sanctioned at this point. We are being told before the end of the year, but we don’t believe that. In the meantime, we are moving on with new music and other stuff we have been holding off on. Hopefully our fans haven’t been burned as much as we have. We are absolutely gutted over how this went. No more reissues unless we get the rights back.”