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Footage Available From New Short Film On Chimaira Frontman Mark Hunter’s Battles With Mental Illness


Down Again‘, the new documentary that examines the connection between mental illness and artistry while showcasing the personal struggles of Chimaira frontman Mark Hunter will be released on October 10th. Nick Cavalier directed the short film, which of course takes its name from the band’s 2003 song.

Hunter stated of his involvement in the film “I have dealt with depression and bipolar for a good part of my life. It’s probably safe to say that most Chimaira fans understand that the band’s music, lyrics, and live performances were my cathartic outlet.”

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He continued:

“I was a bit apprehensive [to do this documentary] at first. Not because I am unwilling to share my story, but more so because there are thousands of people infinitely more interesting than me. And worse off than me. But in the end, I am thankful to have been a part of this short documentary. It captured an extremely critical moment in time. The rekindling of friendships with my former bandmates was one of the most significant healing moments of my entire life.”

“It’s unfortunate to note the past couple of years have been tough on the music community. We lost a lot of talented people to their struggles with depression. I hope the viewers of our film will take away a story of healing and feel the impact of dealing with mental health issues head-on.”

“This is not a story about Chimaira, although fans of the band will be excited to see familiar faces and hear some of their favorite songs. The audience will get a glimpse into my personality and how I use art to better deal with the harder moments of life.”

You can find more details on the feature over at Meanwhile, Loudwire debuted the below clip from the film and are also running an interview with Cavalier and Hunter about it. Speaking of how mental illness and subsequently being miserable on tour took its toll on Chimaira and himself, Hunter commented:

“It’s crazy because technology led us to have a career. We were discovered by people on the Internet. But on the flip side, it’s a huge reason why we’re not a band anymore. Sales plummet and you’re getting less than you’re worth from a record label. All the support starts dwindling — your marketing, your promotion everything.”

He further explained:

“Everything just started falling apart when some of the guys left and it started a domino effect. Once one person leaves it starts the ideas in other people’s heads, ‘Oh, I can get out, too!’ Before that, it almost felt like we were in this sealed contract that was unbreakable. I tried to keep the band together and start again with a different lineup but I felt like a fish out of water.

I was in my mid-30s and making $1,000 on a tour. That doesn’t do a lot to help someone with a depressive personality. I love the craft and the passion but I felt like I reached every mountain and now I was avalanching down and while I was doing it I was going to come home bankrupt.”

Though a mass exodus in the Chimaira camp infamously left Hunter as the sole remaining member back around 2011, he rebuilt the band with a new lineup and put out one final album, 2013’s “Crown Of Phantoms“.

That wasn’t the end of the group however, as they reunited with nearly all members of their ‘classic’ lineup back in late 2017 for a ‘Chimaira Christmas‘ show. A clip of footage from that performance of the band performing their track “Down Again” with live audio mixed by Chimaira guitarist Rob Arnold can be seen below.

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