Drummer Jeff Brown Announces His Exit From Currents


Currents drummer Jeff Brown has announced his departure from the band, offering the following statement on the matter:

“Hey guys Jeff here,

Just wanted to announce that I will be leaving Currents. I will be pursuing other goals that I have had on my mind and have been putting off for awhile. I didn’t want to hold the rest of the guys back. They are an extremely talented group of individuals and deserve someone who will give it 100% again. I’ll definitely miss the crazy shows and meeting all of you guys.

This band was a huge part of my life and I can’t wait to watch it grow into something bigger. I never dreamed a band I started in my parents basement would grow into something that it is today. Thanks for all the support over the years. I just grew out of the touring lifestyle, it honestly just wasn’t for me anymore. It’s not easy being away from your family all the time especially when dealing with depression like I do.

Happiness over anything in the end.

Thanks again everyone. I love you Dee, Chris, Ryan and Brian. You guys are like brothers to me and best of luck to you all. See ya guys later!”

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