Sunndrug (Ex-Norma Jean, Etc.) Debut “Bleed Your High”


Sunndrug (ex-Norma Jean/Spitfire, etc.) have premiered their new single “Bleed Your High“. The band’s Jimmy Reeves had the following to say of the track:

“The song is a commentary on how we pacify ourselves with other people’s highs online instead of finding the courage to change ourselves.

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The line ‘I’m so fertile, I could bleed your high’ is satirizing a person who’s consumed so much social media, they’re convinced they are vicariously experiencing wealth, vacations, a clean house, friends, whatever the aspiration might be that’s getting dangled in front of you.”

Both this song and another new cut from the band titled “Collider” will be released as the August installment of Mind Over Matter Records‘ monthly 7″ vinyl series. You can pre-order that here.