King 810's David Gunn

King 810 Vocalist David Gunn Speaks Of Missing Members: “The Fat Has Been Trimmed”


King 810 vocalist David Gunn promised to answer fans’ questions via the band’s Facebook today, July 19th, after revealing the cancellation of their tour with Cane Hill and The Last Ten Seconds Of Life. Across various responses he did just that, shedding some light on the current status of the band and their future plans. See below for some excerpts:

Addressing the departure of members (the band are reportedly a duo now with Gunn and bassist Eugene Gill remaining,) Gunn stated:

“Were not sorry anyones gone. No one is missed. The fat has been trimmed, were coming back stronger than ever, without weakness.”

Regarding playing live shows without a guitarist onstage, he offered:

“…We keep the guitarist behind the stage. Were a bit of an industrial band who uses alot of programming and sampling. If you’re disappointed I think its because you have the wrong preconceived assumptions. Of course we “made it dark” … we worship the devil. What kind of show happens at high noon daylight. If you’re disappointed dont come to the next one.”

Speaking further on that and having performed live with backing tracks in place of musicians, he stated:

“…We will probably have touring members in the future to fill the spots for the live show for sure. The past few times we couldn’t lock one in in time. BUT To be honest it isn’t black and white like you’ve illustrated. Firstly when we go into the studio we wanna make the best song we can. To be honest we have sounds, instruments, noises that aren’t even playable by people live so you automatically sacrifice that stuff to leaving it out or having a live programmer which we use.

Secondly most of these “bands” on this scene play to tracks and have someone up there pantomiming like theyre playing. We dont do that because we dont lie to people…”

On finding a permanent guitarist:

“Were playing it by ear. Depends on where the music goes and what makes the most sense. The guitar instrument is kinda minor in the grand scheme of songs that have a few dozen instruments and 150 stems in them. Were focused on giving the most representative show we can each time is all.”

On a new album:

“Working on it these past few months and will keep working on it this month and next. The 3rd LP is beyond both of those two combined.”

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