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Baroness Drummer Reveals He Recently Headed Home From Tour After Man Tried To Sexually Assault His Girlfriend


Baroness drummer Sebastian Thomson was recently absent during a few of the band’s overseas shows as the result of what was described as a family emergency. You may have noticed that his absence saw the band perform acoustically as a trio. Having now rejoined the band on the road, he has since revealed that he headed home for good reason.

According to Thomson, his girlfriend fought off a man whom he describes as a ‘would-be rapist’ in her apartment. He further goes on to state that the perpetrator has since been arrested by the New York Police Department. He commented:

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“I’m back! Thanks for all the well wishes everyone. Just so you have an idea of what happened, my gf got assaulted in her apartment by a would-be rapist. Luckily she’s a total badass and fought him off after an intense struggle. I’m so proud of what a hero she is. NYPD was super professional and helpful and nabbed the loser in 24 hours. I also want to thank my Baroness family for being so unconditionally supportive. Thanks again everyone, back to rocking! ❤️🥁🎸”