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Suspicious Findings Suggest Anonymous Maynard James Keenan/Trent Reznor Rape Allegations May Be A Hoax


According to a number of Reddit users, evidence has begun to mount that recent anonymous accusations of rape leveled against Tool, A Perfect Circle, etc. frontman Maynard James Keenan and Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor may be hoaxes.

An anonymous accusation against Keenan alleging he had raped a female concertgoer when she was 17 back in 2000 at A Perfect Circle show emerged via this Twitter account last weekend. The allegation went on to make international headlines.

That same Twitter account has since shared the below tweet, urging other alleged victims to come forward. While some people have shared their stories, there has been some dispute about the authenticity of their accounts.

However, with the email address in the tweet above being made available, Redditors were allegedly able to tie it to a dating profile of a 23-year-old male, as seen here. With the alleged accuser in the tweets suggesting she was now roughly 35-years-old, it could of course be seen that she was having someone help out.

If the accuser’s claims are indeed genuine, one could certainly see why that would be a valid course of action. It is further alleged however that the email account mentioned above has ties to the Twitter accounts of both Keenan and Reznor‘s accusers, though hard evidence doesn’t appear to have been provided.

Also suspicious is a since-deleted similar allegation made against Trent Reznor about an incident claimed to have taken place back in 1994. That tweet was originally made in reply to the Keenan accuser, with both accounts having been shown to have been created within an hour of each other.

Worrisome about this is that the account that made the allegation against Reznor was created roughly an hour before the account that accused Keenan was created, you can find evidence of that below. Again, there are a number of possibilities that could justifiably explain this, but it certainly stands out as suspicious.

Meanwhile, when news of the allegation against Keenan first broke, one well-documented Tool, A Perfect Circle, etc. fan spelled out the band’s practices in this Reddit post, which are somewhat at odds with the original Twitter accusation. Of course, none of this is entirely clear-cut.

Unfortunately, with the alleged victim who made the accusation against Keenan having refused to discuss the matter further with multiple publications and no one seemingly stepping forward to corroborate the allegation, nor additional evidence being readily available, the situation remains murky.

There are countless understandable reasons why anyone making accusations of this magnitude would want to keep their identity secret, especially when the claims are leveled against public figures. That said, one would hope that anyone courageous enough to come forward in a such a situation would bring it to the attention of the authorities as well. There’s always the distinct chance that these allegations could be true, but for now it seems one may want to exercise caution, barring further developments.

Keenan, for his part, has been upfront about his past sexual proclivities, stating of his days of groupie indulgence in his authorized biography, ‘A Perfect Union Of Contrary Things‘:

“My biggest concern was to get laid. My priority was to be validated, to be desired. This was my ticket to undo all of the dismissive behavior from family and teachers and the army of people that had ignored my potential. It was my chance to have somebody who I didn’t even know and who didn’t even know me give me everything in a moment, without question. Just surrender. I’d never had that. That power was new.”

Yesterday, June 28th, Keenan himself denied the allegations, posting the following on Twitter:

Reznor for his part doesn’t appear to have responded yet.

Maynard James Keenan & Trent Reznor Accusers

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