Brian Fair (Shadows Fall, Etc.) Weighs In On Tim Lambesis, Reveals He Wrote Downpour Song About Him


Shadows Fall, Downpour and Hell Night frontman Brian Fair has weighed in via social media on the return of Tim Lambesis and As I Lay Dying. Lambesis is returning to the spotlight with As I Lay Dying after having went to prison for attempting to hire a hitman to murder his wife back in 2013. This past weekend the band released this tell-all video discussing their decision to reconcile and continue on.

Fair is one of the few metal/hard rock musicians to weigh in on the matter and it turns out he had previously addressed the situation in song. He commented:

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“When I first heard of Tim‘s arrest I was shocked and disgusted to see someone I knew well, who built his following based on faith and righteousness commit such a heinous act directed at his family. I wrote “Serpent’s Tongue” by Downpour in response.”

“Their current revival has been tough to digest. I do believe in second chances but that doesn’t guarantee forgiveness or redemption. Those have to be earned with deeds and not words. I guess time will tell.”

“As far as the other members are concerned, I consider them friends and have to believe they see a change in Tim. I remain skeptical but will reserve judgement as this plays out.”

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