HundredthJesus Martinez

Hundredth Streaming New “Rare” Remix Effort “Ultrarare”


Hundredth released a new remix effort titled “Ultrarare” today, June 15th. The effort reimagines seven tracks from their latest release, 2017’s “Rare“. The band’s vocalist/guitarist Chadwick Johnson said of the effort:

“The production of Rare was very focused— It was based around big, reverby guitars and driving drums. I was listening back one day to the album and felt like some of the the songs could be reinterpreted and take on a whole new vibe. I started toying around on a couple of the songs using synths instead of guitars and the songs went to a completely different place. Rare is a rush. Ultrarare is the comedown.”

You can find the effort now on leading premium streaming music services while a stream is also available below: