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Korn Are Planning To ‘Resurrect’ A ‘Cool Tour’ In 2019


With Korn frontman Jonathan Davis out on the road promoting his upcoming solo release, “Black Labyrinth” (out May 25th) and the band’s drummer Ray Luzier backing him live, it’s not surprising that Korn will have a rather quiet year when it comes to touring. While a new Korn album is in the works, the group only plan to play three shows this year thus far.

That said, the band’s guitarist Brian “Head” Welch has given a potentially suggestive hint at what is to come in 2019. Speaking recently with Fox 17‘s ‘Rock & Review‘, he stated of the band’s current touring plans:

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“Actually, we went to Australia and Japan. It was amazing. We played Download Festival with Prophets Of Rage… And then we played in Japan a few shows. So now we’re taking time off. We’re writing more music. We’re doing only four shows this year in America. Three… L.A., Vegas, San Francisco—that’s it. We’ve got some plans to resurrect some cool tour plans next year, 2019. But it’s cool to have time off.”

Of course his choice of the word ‘resurrect’ will likely excite those hoping for a return of the band’s ‘Family Values Tour‘. For what it’s worth, Davis himself said earlier this year that the tour “could definitely happen again.” Welch himself appeared on the program to promote his new documentary ‘Loud Krazy Love‘, you can find a trailer for that here.

[via Blabbermouth]