Every Time I Die's Andy Williams Vs. Joey Ryan

Every Time I Die’s Andy Williams Fell Victim To Joey Ryan’s Penis Plex This Week


Every Time I Die guitarist (and part-time wrestler) Andy Williams fell victim to wrestler Joey Ryan‘s infamous YouPorn sponsored penis plex (yes it’s a move he frequently uses) during last night’s (April 12th) Bar Wrestling event in Baldwin Park, CA. Some footage of that and some related chants that would mortify the WWE can be found in the below footage dug up by Metal Injection:

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It’s been a busy week for Williams, who also recently recorded an episode of WWE Hall of famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin‘s podcast alongside his friends/fellow wrestlers, Braxton Sutter and Allie. Williams of course also co-hosts this podcast with Sutter.

Next up for Williams and Sutter is a tag match on April 21st taking on The Closers at an Outlaw Wrestling event at Our Lady Of Mt Caramel in Brooklyn, NY. Williams will apparently then follow that match up with some surgery shortly after:

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