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Comeback Kid’s Andrew Neufeld Reveals His Top 10 Comeback Kid Songs


Comeback Kid frontman Andrew Neufeld has picked his favorite 10 tracks from the band’s catalog for Louder. Below you can find a flat list of his choices, while detailed explanations for each of his choices can be found at this location.

  • All In A Year
  • False Idols Fall
  • GM Vincent & I
  • Broadcasting
  • Absolute
  • Surrender Control
  • Talk Is Cheap
  • Wasted Arrows
  • Should Know Better
  • Wake The Dead

He had the following to say of “Wake The Dead” in particular:

“What can I say about Wake The Dead? This song really gave CBK legs and probably gave us opportunities that we may not have had without the song.

It’s our biggest song and if we’re ever playing a ‘whatever’ show, this is the song that saves it. It’s the song that we are most known for and I think it embodies the era that it came from.

You could call it a gateway hardcore song, maybe. It had all the elements that it needed to catch people’s attention at the time and we pretty much always wrap up our sets with it.”