Carcass Planning To Record New Album This Year


Carcass have been demoing material for their next album in recent months with guitarist Bill Steer recently telling WSOU (listen below) that the group hope to record the effort later this year. Steer said of that:

“I’ve sort of lost count of how many years have gone by since that last record, but I think it’s around five. And yeah, it feels long overdue that we tackle a new record. We did demo a bunch of stuff at Christmas — it was probably close to 50 minutes’ worth of music — but we’re not gonna stop; we’re gonna keep on writing so that we’ve got quite a lot of material and we can pick the best stuff for the album. So quite when it will be recorded definitively, I don’t know, but it will have to be this year. I mean, me and Dan are going stir crazy, really — we’re so keen to do it.”

Presumably those sessions will take place with the band’s latest guitarist, Tom Draper.

[via Blabbermouth]

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