Stream Burn’s Newly Released EP “Mountain”


Burn dropped a new two-song EP titled “Mountain” today, February 23rd. Both tracks were recorded this past January and the band’s frontman Chaka Malik commented of them:

“‘Mountain‘ is about the shadow in us all and the challenges it takes us on as we climb and descend jaggedly through life towards some type of enlightenment. Often times what triggers us most is the ammunition we need to win. It’s about looking yourself in the eye, and seeing the mountain in the shadow of your being. Only then can the climb towards true love begin.”

Burn’s message is one of self awareness, self discernment, and overall positive growth! We as a society have become so dialed out of our humanity that we as a species now need to escape the mass thought paradigm. This disengagement is a key way that we as individuals can assess what we really believe to be true to ourselves.”

Guitarist Gavin Van Vlack added:

“We really wanted to deliver something that was aggressive in the way that Burn does aggression. It meant peeling back a lot of layers to make things feel more raw, There was a certain ‘anger, frustration and eventual release’ feeling that we wanted to capture and I feel that comes across in this.”

A 7″ version of the effort will be available on the band’s upcoming European tour.

[via Kerrang!]

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