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Wolvhammer To Release New Album “The Monuments Of Ash & Bone” In May


A May 04th release date has been set for Wolvhammer‘s fourth album, “The Monuments Of Ash & Bone“. Blood Music will be handling the release of the effort, which was recorded and mixed by Eulogy‘s Jarrett Pritchard (Goatwhore, Exhumed) at his New Constellation Studios in Orlando, FL. Both Pritchard and Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams, The Faceless) lend guest guitar tracks to the effort. Here’s how it will run:

01 – “Eternal Rotting Misery
02 – “Call Me Death
03 – “Law Of The Rope
04 – “Bathed In Moonblood And Wolflight
05 – “The Failure King
06 – “Dead Rat Rotting Raven
07 – “Solace Eclipsed

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