Art Of Anarchy

Art Of Anarchy Members File $1.2 Million Lawsuit Against Their Frontman Scott Stapp


Members of Art Of Anarchy have filed a $1.2 million dollar lawsuit against their latest singer, Scott Stapp (Creed, etc.). Vice Inc., who are headed up by the band’s brothers Jon and Vince Votta, are suing Stapp for allegedly breaching his contract, claiming he failed to tour significantly with the band and partake in various promotional photo & video shoots as well as publicity events to which he was contractually obligated.

The suit also alleges that the band lost their recording contract with Century Media Records over Stapp‘s apparent refusal to fulfill his obligations with the band, who also feature Disturbed‘s John Moyer and ex-Guns N’ Roses, guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal.

According to a report on, a failure to take part in a music video on the deck of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum on the Hudson River in Manhattan is among the one of their numerous grievances with Stapp. It is also alleged he promoted his solo career ahead of the band and has neglected to pay/acknowledge a $200,000 loan given to him by Vice Inc. for his role in the band. The complaint alleges:

“If Stapp had dedicated himself to Art of Anarchy with the same fervor that he dedicated to his solo career, Art of Anarchy would have had a successful concert tour and its record contract would not have been terminated.”

Stapp‘s addition to the band was announced back in early 2016 with the band releasing an album titled “The Madness” together back in March of 2017. Stapp replaced the late Scott Weiland in the group, whom the band also sued previously for apparently similar behavior.

Weiland allegedly failed to pay back a similar $230,000 advance given to him for his role in the band, as well as refused to tour, etc. and was ultimately sued for what was reportedly millions in damages. Weiland for his part publicly called the band a scam and counter-sued.

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