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Phil Anselmo Speaks Further Of His Latest Back Surgery And His En Minor Project


Phil Anselmo was interviewed by Revolver yesterday and spoke on a number of topics. While his newly released album (“Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue“) from his Philip H. Anselmo And The Illegals project was the center focus, he also spoke further of the back surgery he is undergoing today, January 31st. He said of that:

“I’m about to undergo the second back surgery tomorrow [January 31] to clean up one more little nagging issue that has been dragging my ass down for the last decade. My sciatica has just been driving me fucking bananas ever since the nerves reconnected about four months after the main surgery. It’s a small surgery compared to the first one — no overnight stay at the hospital or anything like that — but once I get this done, we can start accepting shows and get back to fucking work again.”

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He also gave some more insight into one of his other new projects, En Minor, which has roots dating back decades. He said of that:

“…Really it’s just songs that have grown up with me over the years, and I’ve never really had a place to put ’em. Some of them resurfaced in the Nineties under the Body and Blood moniker, but it’s way different than anything I’ve done. It’s acoustic-based, clean guitar.

The name of the band really says it all: It’s my appreciation for songs written in a minor key. That’s a lifetime of influences — everything from U2‘s ‘Drowning Man,’ ‘She’s Leaving Home‘ by the Beatles, or even — this is gonna sound crazy — there’s a Fishbone song called “Pouring Rain‘ that’s beautiful. Songs like that. It makes for a very different listen, and I look forward to the conversation we can have when it comes out.”

When asked about a timeline for the album, he stated:

“Well, I wanna let this new Illegals breathe for a bit but the En Minor‘s been done for over a year now. The core band is me, [Superjoint guitarist] Kevin Bond, [Down drummer] Jimmy Bower, Steve Taylor and [Down guitarist] Bobby Landgraf, but we’re gonna need some extra musicians at some point. The album has 16 songs and it’s called When the Cold Truth Has Worn Its Miserable Welcome Out. If you decide to throw a party one night and your house is packed but you get tired, just pop this En Minor record on and your place will fucking empty in seconds. It’s a bummer.”

Anselmo also shared his thoughts on Slayer‘s plans to retire and if he will work with that band’s guitarist Kerry King at some point in the future. You can read what he had to say at Revolver.

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