Pig Destroyer

Pig Destroyer Speak Of New Album, Have Turned Down “Prowler In The Yard” Live Performance Offers


Pig Destroyer‘s Blake Harrison recently spoke with Metal Hammer about their forthcoming new album, which they intend to release later in the year through Relapse. When asked what’s changed with this forthcoming album, he replied:

“This is the first album we have ever made with a bass player and so that means we have a new toy to play around with. Having that extra element, those lower tones, means that the whole sonic picture is different, so we’ve been exploring that. Having John [Jarvis, bassist] really opened things up for us. We can incorporate much more stuff and really experiment on this record.”

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When asked about the direction of the new material, he offered:

“…I would just say that this one is a little more diverse than before. [2001’s] ‘Prowler In The Yard‘ was more of a death metal record, ‘Terrifyer‘ [2004] was more of a noise rock record, ‘Book Burner‘ was a grindcore record and ‘Phantom Limb‘ [2007] was more of a thrash record, but this one has all of those things in it. Some songs have a more Melvins vibe and obviously there are some straight-up, 30-second, fast-as-hell grindcore songs.”

Harrison also went on to say that he hopes the album leads to more live shows than usual and that the band have turned down offers to perform “Prowler In The Yard” in full because it doesn’t feel like “moving forward.” You can read more on that here.

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