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Phil Anselmo To Undergo Back Surgery This Month


Phil Anselmo is set to go under the knife once again for back issues on January 31st. He recently spoke of that with Jack Antonio in the below interview. Speaking of that, he commented:

“I’m going under the knife next Wednesday. I’m having a follow-up surgery that’s gonna nip something that has been nagging me for the last fucking decade in the bud, and damn it, once this last little kink is ironed out, I’ll feel a whole lot better, man. Which means a better me, [and] that means more work, more gigs, more ability to do gigs, and shit like that. So that’s always wonderful.”

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The same surgeon who performed Anselmo‘s last major surgery back in 2006 will be performing this latest procedure and Anselmo expects about a month of recovery time. He commented further of his condition and plans for recovery:

“I think the only pain I have left is this one little nagging thing. I think once they zap that, shit… I guess I’ll be closest to feeling as close to normal for the first time in decades.

I’ve talked to everybody close to me and tried to explain to them that I’m gonna have to re-learn how to live life, man, on many, many different levels. It’s interesting. But it’s good. I look at it as a positive, because after a decade of the nagging thing, I’d hit a wall, and when I hit a wall, I get pissed off and I tend to hit back, and my way of hitting back is resenting my condition. Therefore I’m doing everything in my power to overcome, and I’m gonna do it, man, again. Watch.”

Anselmo released a new album from his Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals group titled “Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue” today, January 26th.

[via Blabbermouth]

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