Machine Head's Robb Flynn

Machine Head’s Robb Flynn On “Catharsis” Changes: “I Think A Lot Of People Don’t Like Change”


Machine Head guitarist/vocalist Robb Flynn has spoken with Revolver regarding the band’s newly released album “Catharsis” and the colorful reactions it has been garnering from fans and press. When asked if he was worried about how people would react to the changes in style featured on the album, Flynn responded:

“Well, I think that a lot of people don’t like change. And people in metal seem to really not like change. But at the same time, they also don’t like it when you stay the same. Because then you just become boring and predictable. So I feel like you’ve gotta kind of walk this line. And I think it’s good to walk that line. Because it’s really easy to get into just doing what your fan base might like.

Some bands, when they’ve been a band for a while, they want to keep their fan base satisfied. But, you know, we’re nine albums deep, man. I don’t even know what our fan base is at this point. So who is that fan base we’re trying to appease? And then if we are trying to appease them, are we really writing from the heart or are we writing from someplace else?”

Flynn also went into further detail on the album’s more divisive tracks “Triple Beam” and “Bastards” on the chat, you can read further on that over at Revolver.