A Perfect Circle

A Perfect Circle Are A Few Weeks Away From Finishing New Album


A Perfect Circle‘s new album should be done in the next few weeks with a tentative quarter two (April-June) release date in mind. Guitarist Billy Howerdel recently spoke of the band’s progress with the album on ‘Two Hours With Matt Pinfield‘ and said of where they’re at:

“We are gonna be finished imminently. I’d say in the next several weeks we will be done with this record. But everything exponentially happened quicker and quicker towards the end. I think we’re just getting my studio back on from being on the road.”

“We are certainly past the half way point and I’d say Maynard’s probably further along than I am musically. At least with the finished tracks. The songs are there but there’s tidying up to do there on some stuff there.”

When asked about a release date, he offered: “Well, the second quarter is when we’ve always been on track to put out this album.”

[via Loudwire]