Architects Hope To Make Late Guitarist Tom Searle Proud With New Album


Architects appear on the cover of the latest issue of Metal Hammer and in it discuss how the band are proceeding forward with their new album. The effort will be the band’s first since their guitarist Tom Searle passed away to cancer in 2016. His brother, drummer Dan Searle, said that he began to write lyrics immediately following Tom‘s death:

“I didn’t know what to do with myself, I suppose, but also part of me felt like I should really document what this feels like. Because at some point, everyone loses someone, and maybe other people would hear these words and it would resonate with them.

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And if it’s then put into context of a record that’s documenting a whole year of grieving, maybe they could see that they might move into a space in their life where they feel more positive.”

While Tom‘s cancer diagnosis and struggles with the disease inspired the band’s last two albums, this latest one will obviously be impacted by his passing and the grieving process that followed. Dan said of that:

“…We’ve had extraordinary circumstances for the last two records. And now we have different extraordinary circumstances for this record. I hope that we can turn what has been a very horrible experience into a great record that we’re proud of, but Tom would have been proud of as well.”

“I hope that people will find it helps them work through whatever pain they’re going through. I hope that it helps bring out a change in perspective on dealing with these things, and the fact you have to honor the discomfort and the suffering. Or you don’t move forward.”

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