Phil Dubois-Coyne

Ex-Revocation Drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne Accepts $30,000 Settlement After Violent ‘Mayhem Fest’ Arrest


Former Revocation drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne (who also techs for Cannibal Corpse) has accepted a $30,000 settlement from the Oklahoma City Council after a violent arrest in the city left him with a broken arm. That arrest took place on August 08th, 2014 at an afterparty for a ‘Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival‘ stop.

According to a report on the settlement filed by NewsOK, Dubois-Coyne was charged with public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and resisting a police officer that night. The arrest came about after Dubois-Coyne was among those chanting ‘fuck the police’ and claimed to also be singing the lyrics of Body Count‘s “Cop Killer” after watching the police arrest another individual.

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Upon hearing him that night, arresting officer Kenneth Lile proceeded to move in on Dubois-Coyne and subdue him after allegedly first trying to calm him down. Dubois-Coyne‘s arm was broken in the resulting struggle. For his part, Lile claimed that Dubois-Coyne verbally urged those in the vicinity to attack him for the violent arrest. He also stated that the crowd had turned ugly and that he was forced to use his taser on an individual to get back to his police car.

Dubois-Coyne filed suit against the city and three police officers involved in 2016 for false arrest and excessive force. The settlement arrives ahead of what was to be a planned jury trial in January. You can find more exact details on the incident in question at NewsOK.

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