Howling Sycamore (Ex-Obscura/Ephel Duath, Etc.) Stream “Let Fall”


Howling Sycamore (ex-Ephel Duath, Obscura, etc.) have released a stream of their new song, “Let Fall“. The band’s Davide Tiso commented of the track:

“‘Let Fall‘ is a song of opposites. While groovy melodies pull you up at first, the bleak, introspective lyrics come in to drag you down after. In the heart of the song, during a Tony Iommi-infused riff, the Sycamore tree is summoned with prayer-like singing, referencing it loud and clear as the guide-like entity that it is for the concept of the band itself.

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With Jason McMaster crying out my painful awareness of not really fitting in anywhere, it becomes, to me, one of the most intense and dramatic moments of the whole album. Then again, the groovy melody comes in to lift your mood back up to where you started.”

You can find the stream over at MetalSucks. Prosthetic Records will have the band’s debut self-titled new album in stores on January 26th.

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