Denis Stoff

Ex-Asking Alexandria Singer Denis Stoff Speaks On His Exit From The Band & His New Group


Former Asking Alexandria, etc. vocalist Denis Stoff‘s (aka Denis Shaforostov) exit from the band a few years back wasn’t without controversy. As members of Asking Alexandria put it, Stoff essentially cut off communication with the band, which eventually led to them reuniting with their original vocalist, Danny Worsnop.

Stoff is currently preparing a new band now and recently spoke to of the outfit and why he left Asking Alexandria. When asked directly about the latter, he offered:

“I don’t even know where to begin with on this one. It’s been a year, and it was a very tough decision for me but I had to leave the band. As you’ve heard before I’m originally from Ukraine, and there was too much shit happening pretty much back home where I’m originally from. It’s a legit warzone right now.

“That was an incredible stress for me and my family, and I had to stop touring for a second and I had to focus on my family and all the things that were happening back there back then.”

He later stated of his time in Asking Alexandria:

“It was fantastic, it felt like home. Asking Alexandria felt fantastic for me, but unfortunately the guys were not ready to wait for me and the things I had to fucking deal with.”

Despite how things went down, Stoff repeatedly says throughout the interview that he has no hard feelings towards the band and at one point states: “Asking Alexandria were nothing but great times in my life.” As for the new outfit, Stoff says they are preparing to hit the studio and are planning to once again sign with Sumerian Records for the release.

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