Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria Guitarist Ben Bruce Pays Fan Allegedly Ripped Off By Ex-Frontman Denis Stoff


Now former Asking Alexandria frontman Denis Stoff allegedly ripped off a fan/musician named Maxime Solemn when he was still in his pre-Asking Alexandria band, Down & Dirty some years ago. Solemn had contacted Stoff and had agreed to pay him $800 for a guest vocal spot. As he didn’t have the full sum at the time, he made a $500 down payment.

According to Solemn, Stoff largely became evasive after receiving the money, despite multiple attempts to contact him. Upon hearing the story, Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce has since reached out to Solemn and paid him the money Stoff allegedly stole from him. You can watch Solemn discuss that in the below interview with Brian Storm: